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What is a Mutual?

When Leisure World was originally established, the term “mutual” was the designation given by the developer for each of the housing associations in our community.

We have 29 mutuals that vary in size and housing type and together form a network of neighborhoods throughout Leisure World. Some mutuals have a few dozen homes; the largest has nearly 900. There are three kinds of mutuals—one co-op, one homeowners association, and the rest are condominium associations.

Each mutual controls its own budget, sets its own policies, and is governed by a board of directors elected annually by the residents of the housing association. The mutual board collaborates with a property manager and a mutual assistant to ensure mutual policies are upheld and the expectations of homeowners are met. Representatives appointed by each mutual serve on the community-wide Leisure World Board of Directors.

What constitutes the Trust?

The Trust is a legal entity that holds title to the commonly owned property of Leisure World of Maryland and the shared facilities that are not part of a mutual, including land, buildings, and amenities. Our clubhouses, administration building, golf course, and medical center, for example, are included in the Trust. The Leisure World Community Corporation (LWCC) Board of Directors serves as trustee of the Trust, and our mutuals are the beneficiaries. Homeowners pay a monthly fee to support the Trust.

What is Leisure World Community Corporation?

Our community is governed by Leisure World Community Corporation (LWCC), a voting body composed of residents, established in 1980. LWCC is commonly referred to as the Leisure World Board of Directors. Responsible for the governance and operations of Leisure World, the LWCC board meets monthly providing leadership to sustain the community. The board has an executive committee and directors who represent each mutual.

What is Leisure World of Maryland Corporation?

Established in 1977, Leisure World of Maryland Corporation (LWMC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of LWCC. Working in collaboration with the board of directors, LWMC is charged with the management of Leisure World and employs our community’s more than 240 full- and part-time staff members. LWMC is helmed by four officers, including a president who serves as general manager of the community. The board appoints the officers of LWMC.


How do I buy a home in Leisure World?

Leisure World of Maryland management does not sell homes. Home sales are handled by homeowners, prospective homebuyers, and real estate agents, based on the guidelines of each mutual. Weichert maintains a realty office in our Administration building and is available to assist potential residents. There are also many local real estate agents affiliated with other agencies who specialize in and are particularly knowledgeable about Leisure World properties. Leisure World is not involved in property sales.

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Does Leisure World have rental properties?

Yes. Leisure World is a homeownership community, but rental opportunities may be available. Similar to residential property owners elsewhere, Leisure World homeowners may decide to offer their property for rent. Guidelines regarding rentals vary within each mutual and limit the percentage of homes eligible for rental occupancy in each housing association. The standard age restrictions apply to rental residents.


Can I afford to buy a home at Leisure World?

Homebuyers regularly purchase homes in our community priced from $100,000 to more than $700,000. Leisure World offers a wide selection of home types spanning low- and high-rise condominium buildings, townhomes, patio homes, and single-family homes. The options accommodate a variety of space and lifestyle needs.

How much are the monthly homeowner fees?

Fees vary depending on where residents reside in Leisure World. Each homeowner is responsible for their share of maintenance and upkeep within their mutual and in the broader gated community. Leisure World homeowners pay monthly Trust and mutual fees.

Annually, mutual boards set fees for their particular housing association and the LWCC Board of Directors determines Trust fees required to support the commonly owned property and amenities. In 2024, the Trust fee for each household is $244.91 – and includes basic cable television and high-speed internet services.


What is Leisure World’s pet policy?

Pets are welcome in our community, but specific policies vary by mutual. Prospective buyers should consult the pet policy of the mutual where they are considering buying a home.

Are healthcare services provided at Leisure World?

Yes. Our community has an on-site medical center operated by MedStar Health, the largest healthcare provider in the Washington, D.C., and Maryland regions. MedStar Health at Leisure World Boulevard is a multi-specialty, patient-centered medical center providing a variety of services, including primary care, specialty physicians, registered nurses, dentists, rehabilitation programs and lab services. Most insurance plans, along with Medicare, are accepted at our MedStar Health location.

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Do Leisure World residents have to mow their lawns or shovel snow?

No. The Leisure World Board of Directors engages with a contractor that provides year-round landscaping and snow removal services throughout the community, including Trust and mutual properties.

What about home maintenance? Are there services available to take care of basic home repairs?

Yes. Our Physical Properties Department provides help with upkeep and maintenance needs for individual homeowners through on-call “handyman” services. For a fee, qualified and licensed (as required) home repair and maintenance assistance is offered for appliance repair and replacement, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and kitchen and bath renovation. Personnel will also will help with more mundane needs including picture hanging and light bulb replacement. Annual cost-saving maintenance contracts are available.

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What are Leisure World’s age requirements?

Leisure World of Maryland residents must be aged 55 and older. For couples, at least one person must be at least 55, and the other must be at least 50. Exceptions to the age restriction may be made in extreme circumstances when an adult child requires the care or guardianship of a parent. Such situations are decided on a case-by-case basis by management in accordance with the mutual.

Can I age in place at Leisure World?

As an active adult community, Leisure World does not offer long-term care or assisted living. However, homeowners and their families may seek outside help, at their discretion, when the need arises, if that is their preference.

If a temporary setback in independent living occurs and a resident requires special assistance, Leisure World employs professional social workers who can advise on a variety of outside services, including home healthcare, meal delivery, and shopping assistance.

When a resident determines that Leisure World’s independent lifestyle is no longer appropriate or safe for them, social workers are available to help identify more suitable living arrangements outside the community.