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Leisure World of Maryland celebrated its 50th anniversary in September 2016. With this approaching milestone in mind, we made a commitment to invest in our future. In response to the evolving priorities of current residents and expectations of future residents, we are investing in our infrastructure, amenities and services.

A pioneering independent living community developed with the needs and aspirations of active adults in mind, Leisure World of Maryland is recognized for its thoughtful design and quality home construction. Homes are sited in residential enclaves convenient to centrally located, resort-style amenities and services. Natural beauty, pristine landscapes, and meandering walking trails course throughout our 610-acre community.

These characteristics defined our community when it was first developed five decades ago, and are the same attributes attracting a new generation of residents.

Enhancement Projects
In order to preserve the value and beauty of our community, we developed a comprehensive plan. Since 2013, the Facilities Enhancement Plan (FEP) has guided upgrades and renovations to key amenities and services. Projects have ranged from redesigning interior spaces, and golf course maintenance, to new construction. We are making improvements throughout the community.

Completed projects include:

  • Renovation of the Crystal Ballroom in Clubhouse I (2015)
  • Redevelopment and upgrades to the Terrace Room, Stein Room, and Clubhouse Grille restaurants in Clubhouse I (2016)
  • Renovation of restrooms in the north wing of Clubhouse I (2016)
  • Improvements to the customer service area in the Physical Properties Department (2016)
  • Golf course improvements, including rehabilitation of the golf course pond (2017)
  • New fitness center addition at Clubhouse II (2017)

Financing Improvements
While residents benefit from these development projects, they are not burdened with the costs. Enhancements are financed through our Resales Improvement Fund.

When homes are sold in Leisure World of Maryland, buyers pay a fee that benefits the entire community. The fee is calculated at two percent of the gross sales price of each home resale and is deposited into our Resales Improvement Fund (RIF). The reserve funds are designated for the improvement, betterment or expansion of Trust facilities, commonly owned properties and amenities, including for example, the clubhouses, Administration Building, golf course, and security gates.

Forthcoming Development
We are in the second phase of our enhancement plan, with the final project being the new Administration Building, along with expansion of the restaurants, accessible parking and landscaping throughout the site.

Adjacent to Clubhouse I, our newly constructed Administration Building will introduce a bi-level, 21,000-square-foot central center to our community. Housing community amenities, administrative departments, and a conference center, the structure will feature energy-efficient building systems and incorporate storm water management practices. Architecturally, the design will reflect existing buildings in the community, utilizing linear rooflines, deep overhangs, and natural stone and brick elements.

We sought an innovative and visionary design partner to pursue these enhancement projects. Leisure World is currently working with RLPS Architects. The Lancaster, Pa., architecture firm is multidisciplinary, describing itself as having a reputation for “fresh and insightful architectural and interior design solutions.”

Through these development projects, we are building on our legacy, investing in our community, and dictating our future.